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Why Safari

Western Pennsylvania’s Premiere & Trusted Commercial Cleaning Company
Our Company

Personal Touch.
Local Experience.
Professional Service.

Over 45+ Years Experience
In Cleaning Service

1980 Our Start
Personal Touch

Since 1975 serving our community With professional service in the cleaning industry,

1990 Personal Touch
Local Experience

Showing our dedication in 1990 our local experienced team is dedicated to quality.

Professional Service

Still serving our community today with over 45 years of experience in the cleaning industry,

Providing excellent customer service and dependable cleaning for all types of customers and facilities. Our experienced teams work with more than 200 businesses across 13 counties, offering a wide range of proven services to banks & financial institutions, medical centers, office buildings, industrial manufacturers, schools, construction sites, and many other businesses.

Why Safari?

There’s no substitute for our 45+ years of extensive cleaning experience.

It’s how we’ve grown from a small, local supplier of cleaning services to a recognized industry leader across western Pennsylvania. We clean every business office, hospital room, or factory floor like it was our own.  Every time.   Doing the job right comes from decades of experience and key qualities that set us apart.  

Trustworthy Local Reputation

Safari has been in business over 45 years, and unlike many franchise cleaners, has always been locally owned and operated. Our philosophy has been to build mutually -beneficial relationships and continually support our local communities and businesses.

Hassle-Free Service

Safari is responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and all direct correspondence with the janitorial staff. We relieve our clients of the burden of janitorial employee records, invoices, and supplies.

Customer-First Relationship

We’ve built our reputation listening to our clients and providing services to help them meet their goals, needs, and budgets.

Fair & Competitive Pricing

We customize our cleaning programs to address our clients' needs and budget. Safari is a one stop shop, offering a full range of services, ensuring our clients are getting exactly what they need at an industry competitive price.

Dependable Crews & Coverage

When you need us, we’re there - 24/7/365. We have the capacity to respond to problems, customer needs, and call offs with our fleet of trucks and fill-in crew.

Top-Of-The-Line Equipment

Our significant investment in state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and supplies gives us the edge when it comes to keeping our customers' accounts looking spotless everyday.

Secure & Confidential Support

All Safari employees have undergone a criminal background check. We understand and train for industry specific security and confidentiality concerns.

Eco-Friendly & Green Cleaning

We recognize the importance of a safe and healthy work environment, and that’s why we continue to use the the leading green cleaning & cross-contamination technologies, products, and strategies.

Our Vision

We Believe In Supporting Our Communities.

For some, there is no glamour in cleaning, but we see our role as more than the day to day dusting, mopping, and wiping down of offices. As an essential service, we are fortunate to be a part of what keeps our customers’ businesses moving forward and our communities continually growing.

From the founding of our company when we started cleaning power plants for Penelec in the late 1970s, we rapidly grew as a partner to the various companies in the Greater Johnstown community. As our community grew, we grew. Today, we are a proud partner to the various industries that support the families of our neighborhoods including financial, medical, manufacturing, defense, engineering, automotive, and many more.

Our team is made up of unsung heroes and essential workers who often clean our communities at the off hours of the night when businesses are closed.

Our goal is to continually provide excellent service to our customers, and to grow the quality of our communities.

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